• running during pregnancy

    Can I go running when pregnant?

    Running while pregnant is a great cardio to include in your pregnancy workout plans. Follow these guidelines for a safe fit pregnancy!

    There are plenty of reasons why people take up running and for most healthy women there’s no reason not to continue to enjoy running while pregnant!

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    Running improves your health

    It strengthens your heart and ensures an efficient flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body. Exercise, combined with maintaining a healthy pregnancy weight gain can help to keep your blood pressure at the right levels and will improve your immune system too.
    Running is good for your bones
    Running and other weight bearing exercises increases bone density which helps prevent osteoporosis. Good news for pregnant runners is that those strong bones will help you to support and adapt to your weight gain in pregnancy. Even better, maintaining bone density avoids the effects of calcium lost through breast-feeding.

    Explore under the power of your running shoes!

    Running is a great way to expand your horizons and explore areas of your own community or new locations. Vary your route – run somewhere different! If you’re running when pregnant make sure you don’t run too far and over-exert yourself.

    It requires very little equipment

    All you really need is a good pair of running shoes and you can head out of the door to go for a run – anywhere, anytime. Even when you’re travelling you don’t need to take loads of kit, simply pack your shoes! If you’re planning to continue to run whilst pregnant it’s worth investing in specialist maternity running clothes that will support your bump.

    It’s a great cure for stress

    Any exercise during pregnancy will help alleviate stress and even mild pre-natal depression. Healthy adults who exercise regularly are generally happier! Running releases those feel good endorphins that make you feel more positive.

    Join a club

    Sometimes it’s good to join a club and have some company when you run, it can help with motivation and goal-setting. Finding a pregnant running buddy or joining a group of other pregnant women will help encourage you to run regularly. Remember, your goals for pregnancy exercise should be more modest and you should scale back both the distance and the intensity of your running during pregnancy. It’s more about maintaining fitness than training hard – so avoid a hard-core running club!

    Running can help you maintain a healthy pregnancy weight

    Many people start running to help shift a few extra pounds – it’s an efficient way to burn calories and lose weight. If you’re already a healthy weight running combined with a sensible pregnancy diet can help you to maintain it. Running can help ensure your weight gain in pregnancy is maintained at a sensible level without piling on extra pounds!

    Running is good for your self-esteem

    All those changes to your body can have a negative effect. Running and other exercise during pregnancy improves your posture and body awareness helping you to feel good about yourself the way you look.

    Check out the FittaMamma guidelines for safe exercise in pregnancy and running when pregnant – and if you have any concerns, chat to your health professional, midwife or fitness instructor.

    Best maternity running clothes!

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  • Total pregnancy workout video

    Complete pregnancy exercise workout videos

    Follow these pregnancy exercise videos individually or enjoy them one after the other for a full body workout

    Safe pregnancy exercise warm up video

    By activating all your muscles and warming up joints through movement you will ensure you can enjoy your pregnancy workout,  run or training sessions confident you are looking after your body and doing what is best for your baby!

    This warm up workout can be done in any trimester of pregnancy and includes options for all fitness levels.


    First trimester workout video suitable for any fitness level with modifications throughout. Includes options for weights and resistance bands, with alternatives if you don’t have either – but we would recommend them for a great way to increase workout intensity at home or in the gym!

    Second Trimester workout, using small weights, a resistance band and a fitball – follow  this workout will get your heart rate up and tone and strengthen your total body, suitable for all fitness levels!

    Total Body Third Trimester workout! Using a fitball, optional weights and a resistance band – with modifications for all fitness levels  this workout will raise your heart rate and strengthen your total body in preparation for labour.

    And if you like Natasha and Katie’s supportive maternity activewear see the whole range here! Katie is wearing the High Support Pregnancy Exercise Top and Natasha the Me & My Baby Staying Fit Together Top and the Supportive Exercise Capris

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