Bamboo Yoga, pre-natal and post-natal yoga, Arnold Nottingham

Church Dr NG5 6LD

Bamboo Yoga Oils Life is a beautiful fully equipped yoga studio, where you can come to two-hour pregnancy workshops to fully relax, stretch and tone your muscles, learn breath techniques to keep you calm from now until birth, learn positions to help get your baby in the best position.

After a workshop you get access to a Facebook community group with meditations and relaxations, tips for baby massage and education on how to look after you knew families’ health naturally. It is also a great place you can ask for advice and get support from likeminded people.

We also teach pure essential oil workshops to empower you to look after yourself naturally through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Post birth, you are welcome in Karen's Hatha yoga classes to help you sleep well and keep present and regain your core strength. Karen is trained in pre/post-natal and baby yoga.

Contact Information
Phone: 07412503599