Cross Fit East Rocks

EH42 1XG

CrossFit is for everyone. This is fitness that is "broad, general and inclusive".

So often we receive messages from people who think they are not fit enough to get involved.

At CrossFit East Rocks, we encourage everyone to get along to a class and have a go as well as running Introductory sessions throughout the year. All of our workouts are scalable to any ability and with the classes kept small you can be sure of individual attention and support whenever it's needed.

We focus on getting you stronger, fitter and faster safely and in a way that will change your view of fitness.

Your first class with us will always be free so you can come along, chat to the coaches, chat to the other members and try out a WoD.

I'm a coach at CrossFit East Rocks and I'm pregnant today with my first baby! I'm very excited to carry on my CrossFit journey whilst pregnant and staying active is a key part to who I am.  As a teenager I was a track athlete and also competed in Powerlifting to a national level and found CrossFit around 3 years ago. Combining gymnastics, weightlifting and metabolic conditioning, CrossFit has really upped my fitness and general well being. I also swim, run and do yoga to compliment my all round fitness goals.
CrossFit East Rocks is an outdoor box all year and we train sun, hail, snow and rain which our members absolutely love!

We've had a number of pregnant members carry on training with our support and guidance and now I'm excited to share my journey.

Contact Information
Phone: 07834424496