The Fit Moms Plan: pregnancy & postnatal online trainer

Berlin, Pettenkofer Strasse 4C 10247

Fit mom plane online pregnancy trainerPersonal Trainer and Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist with the mission of helping women to be active during pregnancy and throughout motherhood by giving them all the tools they need to be active, be stronger and be happy.

I offer online training plans (eBooks that are available for download anywhere in the world) as well as 1:1 training in Berlin, bootcamps for moms in Berlin and a Kids Fitness class in Berlin.

My 4 online training plans are designed specifically for during pregnancy, for new moms (or moms getting into fitness), for moms to heal diastasis recti (abdominal separation) and a complete fat loss and core rehab plan.

Pricing and details of my local classes are all available on my website.

My passion is to help women to stay fit and healthy throughout their pregnancy and as a mother. Being a mum does not have to be the end to fitness.

I try to motivate and encourage mums on their journey via my Facebook business page and Instagram account with the story of my fitness journey through my two pregnancies and getting my body back after the births. I also post regular tips, advice and exercises for mums to be and new mums to help them continue to exercise safely and effectively.

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