You & Your Baby Working Out Together: Legs, Butt & Pelvic Floor

You & Your Baby Working Out Together: Legs, Butt & Pelvic Floor
April 11, 2018 Nicola

Congratulations on your new arrival!

If you are ready to start your postnatal workouts, but are limited for time with the high demands of your new bundle of joy, try these quick and easy postnatal workouts that you can do with your baby by pre and postnatal fitness expert Emma Bord!



Squats holding your baby – a carrier can also be used for this

Squats into shoulder press
Squat down holding your baby then as you come to stand take your baby up in the air. Core engaged throughout – this is a fully body move!

Single leg lunges holding your baby as a weight

One legged side raises
Standing on one leg raise and lower the other leg, core engaged for balance – ten large raises, ten pulses and ten point and flexes of your feet. Be careful with this – you may need to start without the baby holding on to the wall! It does get easier!!

Pelvic Floor

Hugely important area to work after having a baby to avoid any accidents. Think about drawing up from your downstairs area, as if you are stopping yourself going to the toilet. At the same time engage your stomach muscles by drawing your stomach in towards your spine.

Raising opposite arm and leg, keeping your trunk as still as possible

Spinal Raises
Lifting from the centre of your spine and then slowly arching the back in the opposite direction. If you have diastasis recti this is one to avoid

Lying on your back, feed hip width apart knees bent. Place your baby on your hips and slowly raise your pelvis into the air, engaging then core and pelvic floor. Hold at the top squeezing your buttocks together

Core Activation
Sitting or standing, place your hands on your stomach and slowly draw the belly button into your spine, hold for 5 seconds and release. Keep the shoulders relaxed.

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