Ask an Expert: Prenatal Health and Fitness Tips

Ask an Expert: Prenatal Health and Fitness Tips
August 8, 2022 marketing

Alex chats with expert Emma Brockwell about the importance of prenatal health and fitness! She also shares some great tips with us…

Emma Brockwell is the author of an outstanding resource called  ‘Why did no one tell me?’. This marvelously inclusive and practical book can be read no matter where you are in your motherhood journey. Whether this is your second pregnancy or you’ve already had your bundle of joy for 6 months or so. The resources are so informative that you will continue to refer back to it time and time again. FittaMamma Alex has read this book and cannot stop praising it, go and get it, Mamma’s! So, thank you, Emma, for spending time with us today to talk about prenatal health and fitness along with your wonderful book.

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