Staying Hydrated For Pregnancy Well-Being!

Staying Hydrated For Pregnancy Well-Being!
July 1, 2017 blackginger

We are told to drink a lot of water during pregnancy, but do you know why? Read on for the benefits to your healthy pregnancy diet and hydration tips!

Okay – most of us know that we should drink plenty of water, especially during exercise or when the weather is warmer. But it’s even more important to stay hydrated during pregnant, remember, you’re drinking for two!

reasons to drink water and stay hydrated during pregnancy

Check out our 12 reasons to drink plenty of water during pregnancy

  • Common symptoms of dehydration are headaches, nausea and dizziness. Sound familiar? There’s a fair chance you might suffer from one or more of these symptoms simply because you’re pregnant – don’t exacerbate the risk by not drinking enough water during pregnancy.
  • You have up to 50% more blood circulating in your body during pregnancy – and your baby is nestling in up to 2 pints of amniotic fluid. It stands to reason that you need to ensure your body has plenty of fluid to maintain and replenish these levels.
  • Cool pure water is much better for your teeth than sweet, sugary drinks. The old wives tale that you should expect to lose a tooth for every baby is, fundamentally, an old wives tale…. but nevertheless, some studies have shown a link between pregnancy and dental problems. Drinking plenty of water whilst pregnant is much better for your oral hygiene.
  • Avoid constipation! Drinking plenty of water during pregnancy helps to keep things moving through your system and makes you less prone to constipation and those dreaded pregnancy piles.
  • Keep cool. Your core body temperature often rises during pregnancy, drinking plenty of water helps to stop you overheating.
  • Drinking water rehydrates our tissues and will help you to maintain your beautiful pregnancy complexion.
  • Urinary infections can be common during pregnancy – drinking plenty of water dilutes the urine and reduces the risk of infection
  • Small sips of water at regular intervals can help relieve the symptoms of pregnancy heartburn, morning sickness and indigestion
  • Water helps your body to absorb essential nutrients from food, speeding up the rate of glucose absorption and increasing your energy levels. A glass of water can give you a boost if you’re overcome by pregnancy tiredness
  • Dehydration can be serious for pregnant women and in extreme cases can result in premature labour – keep that bottle of water handy Mammas and stay hydrated!
  • Eating juicy fruits and vegetable such as watermelon and cucumber will add to your fluid intake
  • Water is a key component of breast milk. Don’t discard your water bottle after baby is born, especially if you’re breastfeeding.

The World Health Organisation recommends drinking between 1.5 and 2 litres of water daily – you should aim to increase this during pregnancy to up to 3 litres a day. Check the colour of your pee – it should be clear, colourless or a very pale yellow. Dark yellow urine is a strong indicator that you’re not drinking enough – grab a glass of water!
Filtered water is best but don’t feel you need to buy bottled water.

Find water a little dull? You’re not alone! Click here for some flavourful inspiration…

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