Safe pregnancy Pilates exercises

Safe pregnancy Pilates exercises
June 27, 2017 blackginger

Tips for enjoying pregnancy Pilates safely! Practicing Pilates at home or at a class is a great addition to your pregnancy exercise plans but keep these tips in mind!

Pregnancy Pilates standing pose

If you haven’t tried Pilates before there’s no reason not to start –  although if you’re new to pregnancy Pilates you may prefer to wait until your second trimester.  If you already practice Pilates regularly you can continue throughout your pregnancy – there are so  many benefits!

Check these Pregnancy Pilates do’s and don’ts

  • DO join a pregnancy Pilates class: it will help ensure you perform the exercise correctly and it’s a good way to meet other Mammas-to-be too

Pregnancy Pilates ball exercises

  • If you want to continue your pregnancy Pilates exercise sessions at home DO make sure you have a non-slip mat, a folded towel or small pillow.  A fitball and flexi stretch band would both  be useful too!
  • DON’T exercise if you are feeling unwell  or in pain –  if you’re simply feeling tired, exercise can make you feel more energetic but listen to your body and don’t push yourself too hard
  • DO stay hydrated!  Keep a water bottle handy during your pregnancy Pilates session
  • DON’T lie on your back after 12 weeks.  The increased weight of your baby and your uterus may compress the inferior vena cava which affects the flow of blood to your heart
  • DON’T lie on your stomach after the first trimester – or earlier if you feel uncomfortable or sensitive
  • DO remember adaptations can always be made to every exercise, so speak to your Pilates instructor for advice
  • DO wear comfortable supportive clothing for your pregnancy Pilates class – we recommend the FittaMamma Pregnancy Workout Top teamed with FittaMamma leggings (the three-quarter Capris, full  length maternity leggings or supportive Maternity Yoga Pants
  • DON’T continue to exercise if you have a headache, feel dizzy, are struggling for breath or if you experience any severe pains in your legs, lower back or abdomen. And stop if you experience bleeding or leaking a amniotic fluid.  DO check the FittaMamma information about safe exercise in pregnancy
  • If you don’t attend a dedicated pregnancy Pilates class,  DO tell your Pilates instructor that you’re a Mamma-to-be  and ensure they have a pregnancy Pilates qualification
  • DON’T exercise on an empty stomach – DO have a light snack before you exercise (not a heavy meal!) Take something to eat after your pregnancy Pilates class – a banana, granola bar, nuts or FittaMamma energy balls
  • DO try and use your pregnancy Pilates sessions as a time for mindfulness and relaxation
  • DO discuss your intention to enjoy pregnancy Pilates with your midwife or doctor, especially if you have any concerns about your pregnancy



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