Easy, Tasty Hydration

Easy, Tasty Hydration
July 1, 2017 blackginger

Everyone tells you to include lots of water in your healthy pregnancy diet, but it can be dull! Try our easy, tasty ways to enjoy your 2 litres a day!

Healthy pregnancy stay hydratedThe message about staying hydrated during pregnancy comes loud and clear from so many different sources – but this doesn’t mean more fizzy drinks or even more sports drinks. Lovely, clear filtered water should be your go to choice – but sometimes, dare we say it, water can be a little dull.
Adding a few little extras to your jug of water not only improves the flavour but can also give an added boost to your pregnancy nutrition. Make up a jug of water and leave it overnight in the fridge to release the flavours.

Try these options!

  • A few slices of cucumber. Why? Cucumber is an excellent source of silica, useful in strengthening the connective tissues and promoting joint health. Cucumbers are also rich in vitamins and potassium and as a natural diuretic they’re good for cleansing your system and helping to lessen swelling. Choose organic if possible and make sure you wash the skin.
  • A spring of fresh mint. Why? Not just a lovely refreshing flavour but mint can help with your digestion, easing your pregnancy heartburn
  • A couple of slices of lemon. Another good addition to help stimulate your digestive system, helping to avoid pregnancy constipation and heartburn
  • Substitute lime for lemon. Why? Same benefits to your healthy pregnancy as lemon but a bigger, more intensive burst of citrus flavour

And here are a few more suggestions to add to your water at the last minute for extra flavour and a nutritional boost:

  • A couple of strawberries, sliced
  • A few chunks of watermelon
  • Slices of orange

Mix and match! Use more than one of any of the above and share your favourite combos with us!

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