Complete pregnancy exercise workout videos

Complete pregnancy exercise workout videos
December 18, 2017 alexandramccabe

Follow these pregnancy exercise videos individually or enjoy them one after the other for a full body workout

Safe pregnancy exercise warm up video

By activating all your muscles and warming up joints through movement you will ensure you can enjoy your pregnancy workout,  run or training sessions confident you are looking after your body and doing what is best for your baby!

This warm up workout can be done in any trimester of pregnancy and includes options for all fitness levels.


First trimester workout video suitable for any fitness level with modifications throughout. Includes options for weights and resistance bands, with alternatives if you don’t have either – but we would recommend them for a great way to increase workout intensity at home or in the gym!

Second Trimester workout, using small weights, a resistance band and a fitball – follow  this workout will get your heart rate up and tone and strengthen your total body, suitable for all fitness levels!

Total Body Third Trimester workout! Using a fitball, optional weights and a resistance band – with modifications for all fitness levels  this workout will raise your heart rate and strengthen your total body in preparation for labour.

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