Pregnancy yoga: the child pose

Pregnancy yoga: the child pose
June 30, 2017 blackginger

Of all the pregnancy yoga poses child pose is the easiest for one to include in a session of yoga for pregnant women! Great for you and the baby!

This is one of our favourite pregnancy yoga poses as it takes the weight of the baby off your spine completely, releasing your spinal muscles and increasing the mobility of your pelvic joints. At the same time it releases tension in the hip joints and groin and can help circulation to the pelvic area. It’s also very comfortable and relaxing!

pregnancy yoga child pose

Start by kneeling on a folded blanket with your knees as wide apart as possible, feet turned inwards and following the curves of your buttocks.
Focus on the normal rhythm of your breathing, releasing the tension in your lower back and sitting deep into your pelvis.
Circle your shoulders loosely, relax your arms and let your chin drop down slightly to relax your neck.
Come forward slowly, moving from the hips, lengthening your back without bending your spine.
Place your palms on the floor with your arms straight and focus on lengthening your spine from the back of your neck towards your coccyx. Go as far forward as you feel comfortable, stretching your arms out in front of you and, if you can do so without any strain, place your forehead on the floor.
Come up slowly when you are ready to do so.

Remember – it’s not about how low down you go in this pose. Just focus on the making sure your back feels loose and comfortable all along its length. Lean over a large cushion or bean bag if you find this more relaxing. For more relaxing pregnancy yoga poses follow this video!

Pregnancy Yoga: what to wear

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