Pregnancy yoga: the cow pose

Pregnancy yoga: the cow pose
June 30, 2017 blackginger

Looking for pregnancy yoga poses to help enjoy a healthy pregnancy? Try cow pose to ease back pain, a perfect pregnant women yoga pose!

Stiffness in your shoulders is very common. Sitting at a desk and using a computer, driving or carrying a toddler can often result in stiff shoulders. What’s more, many of us tense our shoulders when we’re stressed. Add in the weight of enlarged breasts and changes to your posture as your baby grows and even the most healthy pregnant woman is likely to suffer from achy shoulders from time to time.

The Cow Pose is a simple pregnancy yoga posture that will help make more space for your breathing and release the tension in your upper back and shoulders.

pregnancy yoga cow pose
In a kneeling position, breathe out and lengthen your back, rolling your shoulders gently to release them.
Stretch your right arm up, bend your elbow and drop your hand down the back of your neck.
Now reach up behind your back with your left hand, reaching as high as you can so the fingers of both hands meet. If they don’t touch, try holding a yoga belt with your right hand reaching for the belt with your left hand, working your hands as close together as you can without straining.

Hold the pose for about a minute, lengthening your lower back and neck and breathing deeply. Make sure you keep your neck free and don’t allow your arm to push against your head.

Release both arms, breathe deeply and relax for a minute before repeating on the other side.

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Pregnancy Yoga: what to wear

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