Trail Mix

Trail Mix
July 1, 2017 blackginger
trail-mix with nuts fruit and seeds for a healthy snack after or before a pregnancy workout

Healthy pregnancy snack energy booster

This recipe is a perfect addition to your pregnancy diet, it includes lots essential prenatal vitamins and minerals to make it an ideal healthy snack!

If you’re exercising when pregnant it’s important to stay fuelled. Sometimes it’s easier to have a handy, nutritious and healthy pregnancy snack that will provide lots of essential vitamins, folate and fibre that you can eat when you feel hungry… wherever you are!

A good trail mix will contain a mixture of nuts, seeds and fruit and you can mix and match to suit your preference and what you have available in your food cupboard. Keep in mind the different nutritional benefits of the fruit, nuts and seeds, go easy on dried fruits that contain extra sugar and add a small handful of dark chocolate chips as a treat.
Snacking on trail mix is a much better way to help you maintain a normal weight gain during pregnancy than munching on crisps or biscuits!

Our favourite FittaMamma healthy pregnancy trail mix includes:

  • ½ cup of Almonds – full of protein, fibre and Vitamin E
  • ½ cup of Walnuts – a good source of omega-3
  • ½ cup of Mixed Sunflower Seeds and Pumpkin Seeds – lots of fibre, folate and valuable unsaturated fats (or use a seed mix
  • with sesame and other seeds as well)
  • ½ cup of Raisins or Sultanas – a source of iron, potassium and fibre
  • ½ cup of Dried Apricots chopped – a sweet treat with beneficial amounts of iron, potassium, selenium and Vitamin A
  • ½ cup of Dried Cranberries – these can contain large amounts of added sugar so look for low-sugar fruit
  • Other good additions you might like to include are:
  • Goji berries – are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and beta-carotene
  • A few Dark Chocolate Chips – dark chocolate can help reduce blood pressure and contains ingredients to lift your mood
  • Add a spoonful of bee pollen as well – it’s a real superfood!

Simply mix all the ingredients together and store in an air tight container.

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