Kettlebells for your pregnancy workout

Kettlebells for your pregnancy workout
June 27, 2017 blackginger

Want to use weights during your pregnancy exercises? Read our tips for safe use of kettlebells for resistance training in pregnancy workouts!

Strength training during pregnancy is safe and beneficial and kettlebells are a fun and effective way to enjoy a cardiovascular workout that improves your strength and flexibility. Kettlebells can improve your core strength, firm your muscles, improve your endurance and help with balance. They also help to ramp up your metabolism and can burn calories for hours after you’ve trained!

Kettlebell pregnancy workout

If you’ve never trained with kettlebells previously we would suggest working with a certified trainer initially to ensure you master the movements correctly. Kettlebells are not ideal to introduce to your pregnancy workout if you’ve never used them before but if you’re already competent there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be part of your regular pregnancy exercise routine.

As with all strength training when pregnant, consider choosing a lighter weight, go for fewer reps and less intensity. Remember the talk test to ensure safe pregnancy exercise – whilst the actual movements involve inward and outward breaths (making it difficult to chat!) you should be able to carry on talking when you’ve finished each sequence.

A few simple exercises can give your whole body a full pregnancy workout.
The kettlebell swing works a whole range of muscles from your core, shoulders, legs and glutes, opening up your hips and improving strength in your legs and butt can help to combat lower back pain.

Squats are a standard cardiovascular exercise but with the kettlebell held close to your upper chest it provides a more intense workout during pregnancy.  Great for keeping your  legs strong and improving your core strength and posture.

Kettleballs pregnancy exercise video
Kettleballs row pregnancy workout

The bent over row works your shoulders.  Keep your back straight and make sure your head is aligned with your spine.

Halo is great for shoulder strength, opening up your shoulders and chest.  Stand up or kneel down if it’s more comfortable but remember to keep your back straight and engage your core.

Pregnancy fitness expert and Mamma-to-be Lucy Howlett demonstrates these exercises here:

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If you have any concerns about your using kettlebells when pregnant or other aspects of your pregnancy workout routine, always check with your health professional, midwife or doctor.

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