Specialist maternity activewear

Specialist maternity activewear
June 22, 2017 blackginger

Wearing specialist maternity workout clothes will help you stay active though your pregnancy with comfort and confidence. Your body is changing so much, look after it!

Expert advice to help you shop for Maternity Gymwear
Selecting the right fitnesswear can be a challenge at the best of times but choosing the most suitable maternity gymwear is even more tricky, especially if this is your first pregnancy.
We’d like to answer some of the more frequently asked questions about why and how to choose FittaMamma maternity activewear

Maternity sportswear

1. What makes FittaMamma maternity activewear different?
Support. Think sports bra for your baby bump. If you exercise regularly you’ll know the difference a good sports bra makes to your comfort and ability to exercise simply transfer this level of support to your gorgeous growing baby bump. The FittaMamma range lifts, holds and supports to make any activity more comfortable.

2. Couldn’t I simply wear a belly band?
If you’re exercising regularly you’ll be significantly more comfortable wearing clothes specifically designed for pregnancy fitness. FittaMamma activewear supports in the right place, holds your lower back as well as your baby bump and won’t slip, chafe, squeeze or come undone. What’s more, they look good in the gym!

3. Why not simply buy a bigger pair of ordinary leggings?
During pregnancy you should avoid leggings with a tight waist band that cuts across your baby belly, drawstrings that slide under your bump as it gets bigger, leggings that fall down when you bend down and anything that chafes, rubs or itches. Take into consideration that your legs will stay a similar size throughout our pregnancy so going up a size to accommodate your baby bump will make your leggings too big everywhere else.
FittaMamma maternity exercise leggings are designed to support your lower back as well as your baby bump; they won’t chafe; they stretch when you stretch; don’t fall down when you bend down; they’re fully opaque and will last throughout your pregnancy.

4. What about sizing?
Our sizing aims to compare to your pre-pregnancy size – FittaMamma activewear should be snug but not tight and you’ll find the fabric will stretch where you need it to as you get bigger. However, if you have any doubt, go larger! For instance, if you’re approaching the 12 side of a 10-12, go for a medium. Our clothes range from XS XL as we’re very aware that Fit Mammas come in all sizes!

5. I’ve got pregnancy backache and pelvic girdle pain so can’t do much exercise
Supporting your baby bump takes the pressure off your pelvis and your lower back, making a real difference to some of the aches and pains of pregnancy. The FittaMamma range is also ideal if you’re carrying twins, helping you to manage the extra baby weight. Properly supporting your bump could be all you need to get you up and moving again!

6. But pregnancy only lasts a few months
Two points here! If you’re exercising regularly during pregnancy you DESERVE to look good and feel supported wearing well-fitting, stylish maternity gymwear is a great boost to your confidence and motivation. And secondly, our clothes will still look good after you’ve had your baby, supporting your mummy tummy until you get your pre-baby body back. The leggings are especially comfortable after a C-section. Shhhhhh we also sell our clothes to non-pregnant Mammas to support back ache, slipped discs or even simply to flatter and hold more curvy bodies.

7. Isn’t it a bit indulgent to buy maternity clothes for the gym?
Once you’ve experienced the comfort of supportive maternity activewear, you won’t want to keep it in your gym bag – simply enjoy the support as part of your everyday wardrobe. Our leggings look good with boots and a dress and you can wear our tops with jeans or a skirt, getting all that lovely support whenever you need it!

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