Pregnancy Pilates on fit ball

Pregnancy Pilates on fit ball
June 30, 2017 blackginger

Pregnancy Pilates on a fit ball for safe supported pregnancy workouts! These moves strengthen your core, work your legs, bums and target your pelvic floor

Fit balls (these balls go by many different names – your fitness ball or Pilates ball during pregnancy can become your birthing ball during labour!). Make sure your fit ball is the correct size for you and correctly pumped up.
These exercises follow on from the four point kneeling exercises for pregnant women.

Pelvic tilts

pregnancy pilates fit ball exercise pelvic floor

Sit on your fit ball, centering your weight with your feet parallel about hip width apart. Keep your back straight, think of dropping your tailbone heavy onto the ball without rounding the spine and make sure your pelvic floor is engaged. Draw your baby in a little towards the back of your spine and lengthen through the top of your head.
Exhale, tilting your pubic bone up towards your belly button and your tailbone rounding your lower back. Try to use your deep pelvic floor muscles to create the movement rather than gripping the bum.
Inhale and return to your original position
Your mid and upper back should remain tall.
Repeat 4-6 times

Side lunge to the front

Sit on your fitness ball, centring your weight with your legs wide and turned outwards

pregnancy pilates fit ball exercise leg tone

Inhale and lunge to the right leg, stretching your left leg and bending your right. Keep both hip bones on the ball and centre of the body should remain square and level. This allow the pelvic floor muscles to lengthen.
Exhale round the tailbone under towards back of the ball to return to centre.
Repeat to other side.
Remember in this exercise we are gently stretching (not tightening) the pelvic floor muscles so try not to engage the muscles upwards but instead think of using the inhale to help relax them without bearing down.
Repeat 4-6 times

Note! This exercise is not suitable is you are suffering from SPD or pelvic girdle pain.

Side lunges to either side

Remain seated on your fitness ball, lunge to the right as before. Using hands on the ball, gently pick up your hips a little and rotate your body, hips and feet to the right, adjusting your fit ball underneath you so it’s comfortable. You are now in a modified assisted lunge position

pregnancy pilates fit ball exercise lunge

Stay in the lunge position as you move into ankle circulation exercises. Inhale as you raise your back foot onto toes bringing you body weight forward over the lunged right leg.
Exhale as your back left leg tries to lower heel back towards floor.
Repeat 4-6 times
Swivel your body back to the front first, recheck your position and repeat to the other side.

Note! This exercise is not suitable is you are suffering with pelvic girdle pain or SPD pain.
Follow these exercises with the Pregnancy Pilates with bands.

Remember – if you have any concerns about your pregnancy or health issues it’s important to consult your health professional before embarking on any new pregnancy exercise regime. If you are new to Pilates during pregnancy we recommend waiting until your second trimester before you start.

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