Pregnancy Pilates resistance bands

Pregnancy Pilates resistance bands
June 30, 2017 blackginger

Ready to enhance your pregnancy Pilates workouts?! These resistance band exercises will help you work harder to tone and strengthen your arms and chest

Pilates bands or resistance bands provide extra resistance for your workout to help tone your muscles and improve your strength. They are readily available and not expensive – and can be used for a variety of exercises during pregnancy. For pregnancy exercise choose a light band.

You’ll need to remain seated on your fitness ball for this sequence of Pilates exercises for pregnant women, or sit on a chair instead.

1. V shape arms

Sit on your fitness ball centring your weight. Place your band so it sits around the back of your ribs and your lower shoulder blades.

Pregnancy Pilates exercise with bands for upper body
Draw baby in towards your spine and engage your pelvic floor
Hold the band securely in hands with good grip. Arms should be in a V position with elbows at waist.
Inhale to prepare
Exhale as you press the band out to a long v shape, extending arms to full stretch and keeping chest open with shoulders relaxed.
Inhale and return to centre.
Repeat 4-6 times

2. Hug a tree

Sitting on your Pilates ball and adjust your band so it sits around the back of your ribs and your lower shoulder blades.
Draw baby in towards your spine and engage your pelvic floor
Start with your arms wide to side as if you were hugging round the widest part of a tree trunk
Inhale, prepare.
Exhale as you press arms and band round the front part of the tree trunk, keeping the elbows soft. Try to make the movement come round the back of the shoulders and full arm without building up neck tension.
Release and repeat 4-6 times

3. Bicep curls & side lateral raises

Remain seated on your fit ball, knees wide and place the Pilates band under your feet.

Pregnancy pilates exercise with bands leg work

Keep baby pulled in towards your spine and engage your pelvic floor.
Arms start long by your side, gripping the band, palms facing up.
Exhale and curl your arms up, keeping elbows still
Inhale with control and release your arms back down slowly, staying engaged on the return as well.
Make sure you don’t lift your shoulders.
Repeat 4-6 times

4. Side arm lateral raises- single arms or doubles.

Arms start long down by side, palms facing in to body, gripping the band.

Pregnancy pilates exercise with bands lower body

Exhale to raise your arm (or arms) out to the side no higher than shoulder height or as far as shoulders stay relaxed.
Inhale and return arms back down slowly.
Repeat 4-6 times.
Follow these moves with the Pregnancy Pilates Side leg moves and fit ball pregnancy Pilates exercises.
Consult your health professional before starting on any new exercise during pregnancy if you have any health issues or concerns. We recommend waiting until your second trimester if you are new to pregnancy Pilates.

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