Pregnancy exercises for core strength

Pregnancy exercises for core strength
June 27, 2017 blackginger

Read our ab exercises during pregnancy workout guide here! Keep your core muscles strong to help prevent diastasis & prevent mummy tummy!

Some separation of the abdominal muscles during and after pregnancy (‘diastasis recti’) is perfectly normal and is experienced by around a third of pregnant women – unsurprising when you consider how much your belly expands to accommodate your baby. Keeping your core (TVA) muscles strong during pregnancy does much to help prevent diastasis – and building and maintaining core strength is helpful during labour as well.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t work on your core muscles right the way through your pregnancy – standing pelvic tilts and standing squats can be carried out until the 3rd trimester.

Make sure you include some core abdominal exercises as part of your standard pregnancy fitness routine.

First Trimester:

Try this simple head and shoulder lift!

Lie on the floor, knees bent, soles of your feet flat, hands on your temples.

Breathe in and as you exhale draw your belly button in and tilt your pelvis. Lift your head and shoulders towards the ceiling, focussing on pulling in your abs. Breathe in as you lower again. Make sure you keep a gap between your chin and your chest.

Repeat 15-20 times aim to do this twice a day.

Abdominal hollowing on all-fours 

This will work your core muscles in a slightly different way and is a good pelvic floor exercise too.

On your hands and knees, using a mat, make sure your hands are beneath your shoulders, your knees are hip-width apart and your back and neck are straight.

Breathe in deeply and let your chest expand. As you exhale, draw your belly button in, sucking in your abs all the way around your middle and pulling up your pelvic floor.

Hold for a couple of seconds, then release.

Make sure you don’t arch your back as you pull in.

Repeat 15–20 times and do two sets.

Second and Third Trimesters 

You should avoid exercises that involve you lying on your back after 12 weeks but there’s no reason not to continue with a standing ab-squeezes as your pregnancy progresses.
Follow these simple abdominal exercises in pregnancy. Do these squeezes as often as possible to make your core super-strong!

Stand upright with your shoulders back.

Breathe in deeply and let your chest expand, then as you exhale draw your belly button in.

Have your hands by your sides or resting on your belly. The rest of your body should be still. Hold for a couple of seconds, then breathe in as you release.

Repeat 15–20 times and do two sets.

When doing any activity when pregnant make sure you listen to your body and stop if you feel uncomfortable. Always consult your doctor or midwife if you have any concerns.Keeping your core muscles strong during pregnancy does so much to help prevent diastasis – and maintaining strength is good during labour too!

Gym workouts or home workouts – choose activewear designed for pregnancy!

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