Pregnancy workout for legs and bum

Pregnancy workout for legs and bum
June 29, 2017 blackginger

Keep your legs strong in your pregnancy workout! Include our modified pregnancy exercises in your gym sessions to target your legs and bum and stay toned!

You’ll be glad of your strong fit legs during labour! Keeping your legs strong is an essential part of your complete pregnancy workout. By activating the big muscles in your bum and legs you will keep your metabolism high after you have finished training too. Strong legs and bum can also help manage the pains of SPD.


Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and spine in neutral position.
Hold your weights in either hand, palms facing inwards.
Keeping your back straight, looking straight ahead, bend your hips and knees as you lower into a squat.
Return smoothly to your original position
Repeat 10-15 times and aim for 2 sets
FittaTip: ‘Squatting is an ideal exercise for pregnant women, strengthening legs and glutes and opening the hips and pelvis – great preparation for labour.’


Pregnancy workout lunge
Step one foot forward in front of the other with your dumbbells in each hand, palms facing inwards.
Lower the knee of your back leg towards the floor, keeping your body in an upright position.
Return to the start position, maintaining control as you return to the standing.
Repeat with the other leg.
Increase the intensity of your pregnancy workout by adding a bicep curl as you lower your body into the lunge position, dropping your arms back to your sides as you stand up.
Repeat 10-15 times and aim for 2 sets
FittaTip: ‘make sure you keep your knee at a 900 angle – your knee should not move in front of your foot’

Leg raise

pregnancy workout leg raise
This is great for toning your legs and bum and helps to strengthen your core too!
On your hands and knees make sure your hands are beneath your shoulders, back and neck straight and knees hip width apart.
Draw your belly button up towards your spine.
Lift one leg, with your knee at a 900 angle and push upwards using short, repeated lifts.
Aim for 10-15 lifts and repeat on the other side. Aim for 2 sets
FittaTip: ‘You can do this exercise unassisted but adding an element of resistance, pushing against your trainers hands, makes it even more beneficial.’
Use these exercises as part of a complete workout that includes a warm up, hits your arms and shoulders, strengthens your core and incorporates safe cardio exercise too!
When doing any activity when pregnant make sure you listen to your body and stop if you feel uncomfortable Always consult your doctor or midwife if you have any concerns.

Gym workouts or home workouts – choose activewear designed for pregnancy!

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