Pregnancy yoga video: help joint pain

Pregnancy yoga video: help joint pain
June 30, 2017 blackginger

If you are suffering joint pain pregnancy yoga can help. Follow the simple moves in this pregnancy demonstrated by our yoga expert Clare and experience the benefits!

Round ligament pain during pregnancy is very common. The round ligaments hold your uterus in place within your abdomen – during pregnancy, as your baby develops and your uterus gets bigger the ligaments become longer, thinner and can pull on local nerve fibres, causing you pain which in some circumstance can be quite severe. These poses will help create space around your baby which will help with digestion and breathing deeper!
Many women find lifting and easing the weight with supportive maternity leggings can reduce round ligament pain – but try this yoga exercise for pregnant women too. Clare Maddalens of LushTums shows you how.

Watch this video and follow it with pregnancy yoga for breathing techniques, pregnancy yoga for circulation, and pregnancy yoga for pelvic floor strength!

Always consult your midwife or doctor if you have any concerns about your health, your pregnancy or the health of your baby.

Pregnancy Yoga: what to wear

Mamaste 🙏 specialist maternity activewear designed to bend and stretch with you, but never riding up or exposing you. However  you practice 🧘