Vegetable and bean soup

Vegetable and bean soup
July 1, 2017 blackginger
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An easy way to enjoy your prenatal vitamins! This soup is packed with prenatal vitamins, protein, fibre and it’s easy to make!

My mum used to call this lovely rich warming wintery soup ‘Summer Soup’. Reason? Because it’s got ‘summer this and summer that’ – or whatever veg she had to hand to add to the basic recipe! The secret is the generous addition of paprika and lots of tomato. This recipe is also packed with pregnancy vitamins including Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, dietary fibre and plant proteins!
It’s great for eating during pregnancy as it’s a real meal in a bowl. Make up a big batch of it and the whole family will enjoy it too!


2 onions
2 large cloves of garlic
2-3 carrots diced
2-3 potatoes diced
I leek finely chopped (use the green bits as well)
A large chunk of pumpkin
2 cans of tomatoes (or one can and a packet of passata)
2 cans of cannellini beans drained and rinsed
Heaped tsp of paprika
Salt and pepper to taste
800ml (1.5 pints) of chicken or vegetable stock
A little oil


You can substitute butternut squash or even swede or turnips for pumpkin, add chopped fresh tomatoes or diced courgettes and include a handful of finely chopped watercress or parsley just prior to serving. Use kidney beans or black-eyed beans instead of cannellini beans.

  1. Gently fry the onions and garlic in the oil until the onions are transparent. Ensure they don’t brown.
  2. Add the vegetables and paprika and continue to fry for a few minutes longer.
  3. Pour on the stock and bring to the boil. Simmer gently until the vegetables have softened and add in the tomatoes and beans.
  4. Continue to simmer until the soup has a thick delicious consistency – about 15 mins.
  5. Taste and adjust the seasoning – don’t be afraid to add more herbs, paprika or a dash of Tabasco sauce. Add in the parsley or watercress and let the flavours absorb before serving.

Grated cheese and crusty bread go well with ‘Summer Soup’.

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