Pregnancy Yoga: Side bend poses

Pregnancy Yoga: Side bend poses
June 30, 2017 blackginger

Need easy pregnancy yoga poses to help enjoy a healthy pregnancy? Try these side stretch poses for flexibility and moblity!

If you’re comfortable sitting with your legs wide take the pose one step further and include a side bend. This stretches your oblique abdominal and side muscles, lengthens the spine and expands your chest. It should be a comfortable exercise when pregnant but avoid straining and build up to the full posture gradually – only stretch within your limit!

pregnancy yoga side bend poses

Start in the sitting position with your legs wide apart and your buttocks and hips firmly on the floor. Breathe deeply lengthening your spine and filling your upper body with each inhalation. Keep breathing gently and rhythmically and bend to the right, extending your right arm towards your right foot.
Bring your left arm up and over your head as far as feels comfortable. Remember to carry on breathing and make sure your hips and buttocks stay firmly grounded. Don’t go any further than you can without straining.
Relax into the stretch and hold it for around half a minute before gently releasing and repeating the exercise on the other side.

FittaMamma Tip: If you’ve got into the habit of sitting with your legs wide it’s easy to add this lovely stretchy extension to the pose – you’ll be opening up your hips and pelvis ready for birth and stretching your spine and side muscle as well.

For more pregnancy yoga sequences to make you feel more comfortable follow our pregnancy yoga videos here!

Pregnancy Yoga: what to wear

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