Cycling for a fit pregnancy

Cycling for a fit pregnancy
June 30, 2017 blackginger

Cycling is great for a fit pregnancy! It’s a low impact cardio that includes lots of fresh air and vitamin D, just make sure you wear a helmet!

cycling for a fit pregnancy There are plenty of countries where a bike is the normal mode of transport and no-one would think twice about continuing to cycle throughout their pregnancy. As long as you feel comfortable on two wheels there’s no reason to give up – it’s a great way to help maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Cycling gives you a fantastic lower body work out, helping to develop muscle strength with minimal impact on your joints. Your bike will help support your weight and is less jarring on your bump – and you can enjoy plenty of fresh air and Vitamin D into the bargain!
If you’ve never cycled before it’s not advisable to take up mountain biking or road racing and some sources will suggest you restrict yourself to an exercise bike in case you fall off – but listen to your body and enjoy what feels right for you.

A few things to think about:

  • A ‘sit up and beg’ style of bike might be more comfortable as your bump gets bigger – or raise your handlebars so you sit more upright
  • Make sure your bike is properly adjusted for your height so you can easily reach the ground when you stop
  • If you’ve become bigger all round you’ll feel more comfortable on a wider, more padded seat
  • Invest in a pair of well-padded gloves and remember to move your hands as you’ll be resting a lot of weight on your wrists
  • Wear a supportive maternity exercise top to keep your bump secure and contained – maternity fitnesswear with moisture-wicking properties will stop you feeling clammy. Layers are a good idea for cooler days
  • Don’t be embarrassed to jump off and walk up hills
  • Remember you should still be able to talk whilst exercising – don’t get so out of breath that you can’t hold a conversation
  • Keep hydrated with regular drinks of water
  • If you have any concerns about exercise during pregnancy and whether or not to cycle, consult your doctor or midwife

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