Spinning for a fit pregnancy

Spinning for a fit pregnancy
June 30, 2017 blackginger

Spinning and cycling are great ways to continue to exercise during pregnancy, read our tips for enjoying your spin classes for a fit pregnancy!

spinning for a fit pregnancy

Cycling is an excellent, low impact exercise for pregnant women and if you enjoy cycling on a stationary machine in a gym, or participating in a spinning class, don’t feel you need to give up now you’re pregnant.
If you’re not used to riding a bike, joining a spinning class offers all the exercise benefits of cycling during pregnancy without worrying about road hazards or wet weather.
Joining a spinning class when pregnant has other advantages too! It’s easier to maintain your balance on a stationary bike as your bump gets bigger; there’s an instructor available to provide help and advice during your pregnancy exercise session and best of all, there’s no chance that you’ll suddenly realise you’ve cycled too far and you’re much too tired to cycle back home!

FittaMamma tips for safe spinning whilst pregnant:

  1. Let your instructor know that you’re exercising when pregnant – especially if your baby bump isn’t obvious. It’s important that he or she knows WHY you might need to take it a bit easier, slip off to the loo or need extra water.
  2. If you’re new to spinning, build up gradually – don’t launch straight into a half hour session even if your aiming for 30 minutes of pregnancy fitness a day. Increase your time and pace gradually until you feel comfortable with a full session.
spinning in pregnancy
  1. Dress for your class in supportive, moisture-wicking FittaMamma fitnesswear for optimum comfort.
  2. Keep a bottle of water handy and take regular sips. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your session – it’s even more important to stay hydrated if your exercising when pregnant.
  3. Don’t forget the talk test! Whatever pregnancy exercise you opt for the golden rule is ‘don’t exercise so hard you can’t talk’.
  4. Spin classes aren’t always the best place for a chat, so be aware that you should be ABLE to talk ie if you’re panting or gasping for breath – SLOW DOWN!
  5. Arrive a few minutes early to give you time to properly adjust your bike. Adjust the handlebars so you can adopt a more upright position, giving more room for your baby bump and less stress on your lower back. And make sure your seat is adjusted so you can reach the handlebars without straining your back.
  6. Don’t compete with other people in your class, or even your own previous personal best. Pregnancy exercise should be about maintaining fitness, not improving or competing.
  7. Stay fuelled! Don’t exercise on an empty stomach and have something ready to re-fuel after your class – such as a banana, granola bar or energy balls.
  8. It’s your choice to stay seated! Standing up is much more intense, adds pressure to your joints and can be harder to balance – if you feel ok ‘out of the saddle’ that’s fine but if you feel more comfortable sitting down then listen to your body and stay seated.


  1. Listen to your body – if you don’t feel up to a spinning class try a walk, a swim or a yoga class instead. Regular exercise during pregnancy is important (remember, experts recommend 30 minutes on at least five days a week) but accept that fact that sometimes you might need to take it easy.
  2. Check the FittaMamma guidelines for safe exercise in pregnancy and make sure you warm up and cool down before and after your spinning class.
  3. If you have any anxiety about exercising during pregnancy, or medical issue, check with your midwife or doctor

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