Motivation for your fit pregnancy video

Motivation for your fit pregnancy video
March 29, 2017 blackginger

Finding your why for a fit pregnancy exercise will help you stay motivated when it becomes more challenging, watch Lottie show you how!

Knowing your why when it comes to your healthy, active pregnancy can help keep you on motivated when all you want to do it lie down and eat for two! Watch Lottie from Just The Girl Fitness show you how to find your pregnancy exercise motivation which can help keep you going through your pregnancy for your health and the health of your baby! Lottie is a fitness expert who struggled with IVF before conceiving her daughter and wants to help all mamma’s feel happy and confident in choosing to exercise during pregnancy. Watch her advice below!

And when you feel motivated try her at fun at home pregnancy barre workout or prenatal cardio dance workout video!

Gym workouts or home workouts – choose activewear designed for pregnancy!

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