Pregnancy Exercise Video for 3rd Trimester with Specialist

Pregnancy Exercise Video for 3rd Trimester with Specialist
September 29, 2017 alexandramccabe

Follow this complete 25 minute pregnancy exercise video with prenatal fitness specialist Natasha. Aiming to strengthen and tone your whole body, get your body moving and maintain your fitness through the nine months!

Grab those small weights, a resistance band and a fitball, Mamma, we’ve got work to do! Following this workout will get your heart rate up, tone and strengthen your total body, all in a safe and effective way for pregnancy in the 3rd trimester. That being said, this workout can be completed safely in ANY trimester and includes options for ALL fitness levels. So, get involved!

To extend the workout to make follow Natasha’s first pregnancy exercise video and her second trimester exercise video, both have adaptations to make them suitable for any stage of pregnancy and level of energy!

Gym workouts or home workouts – choose activewear designed for pregnancy!

You deserve to look good and feel great mamma! Supportive Maternity Sportswear to keep you training together 💪🤰