Pregnancy workout guide review

Pregnancy workout guide review
June 30, 2016 blackginger

Looking for a pregnancy workout guide? Read our reviews of the best complete guides to Pregnancy Fitness and nutrition and for how they can help your fit pregnancy

Safe prenatal exercise guide review Sorted: THE ACTIVE WOMAN’S GUIDE TO HEALTH by Dr Juliet McGrattan
‘This is a truly useful and inspirational book for ALL women, not just during pregnancy’
As a GP a mother of three and a marathon runner, Juliet McGrattan really understands the issues facing all women when they exercise, whether it’s the initial motivation to find time to get up off the couch and get started or stress incontinence and protecting your nipples when you’re combining exercise with breastfeeding.
It’s really easy to find the information that’s especially relevant to you and your stage in life – there’s lots of friendly, helpful advice about exercise during pregnancy and getting back to exercise after your baby is born, delivered in a tone that motivates and encourages without judgement.
Dr McGrattan’s sound (and well-illustrated) medical advice provides a reassuring approach to subjects that many might find embarrassing, addressing a whole raft of issues in a down-to-earth way, with helpful guidance about when to seek professional advice
Real life case studies gives the book a personal touch, sharing stories of women who have overcome health issues and benefitted from exercise.
This is a great book to keep on hand and dip into whenever you need support – it will inspire and inform long after you’ve had your baby.
Published by Bloomsbury Sorted is available from all good bookshops, price £16.99 or as an eBook for £14.99

pregnancy aqua guide review Aqua Exercise for Pregnancy and Postnatal Health by Sarah Bolitho & Vicky Hatch
‘An excellent book for anyone interested in pregnancy fitness!’
Sarah Bolitho is a qualified pre & postnatal fitness professional – she and Vicky Hatch run Exact Training, developing courses and qualifications to train instructors.
Aimed at fitness instructors and midwives involved in prescribing aqua exercise programmes for pregnant or postnatal women, it’s a great resource including practical skills, information on planning and motivation and advice about working with clients with health concerns such as obesity or diabetes.
It’s also useful for anyone who would like a greater understanding of how pregnancy affects the body, the benefits of activity and exercise during pregnancy and in particular the benefits of water based exercise in pregnancy.
The exercises are clear and easy to follow, with options to adjust the intensity of each exercise. Aimed at instructors it’s easy to follow the exercises as an individual if your local swimming pool doesn’t offer Aqua Exercise classes for pregnant women.
The Complete Guide to Aqua Exercise for Pregnancy and Postnatal Health

healthy pregnancy diet guide review Food for Fitness healthy pregnancy diet guide by AnitaBean
‘A great source of inspiration for your pregnancy diet’
Whilst this book is aimed at ‘anyone who is serious about sport or fitness’ it’s a fantastic source of information to help with your healthy pregnancy diet, especially if you’re continuing to exercise whilst pregnant.
The ‘Nutrition Essentials’ section explains what you need, why you need it and what foods are most appropriate – providing deeper understanding about what you should be eating to fuel your fit pregnancy.
Anita Bean’s advice about eating for exercise is relevant and interesting, with lots of easy bite-sized fact boxes and Q&A columns. The recipes section is excellent too, with lots of easy, no nonsense recipes complete with nutritional notes – it’s a good source of inspiration for healthy pregnancy recipes that all the family will appreciate.
Food for Fitness How to eat for maximum performance

pregnancy fitness guide review The Complete Guide to Pregnancy and Fitnessby Marc Coulson & Sarah Bolitho
‘When it comes to judging a book by its cover (or at least it’s title!) this one will meet your expectations!’An excellent reference manual that should be on the reading list for any fitness instructor working with women, providing comprehensive information on pregnancy & exercise. The book ably covers subjects such as planning safe and effective exercise programmes,motivation and goal setting combined with a programme of more than 40 easy to follow pregnancy exercise options.
This book will be of great value to anyone who would like a deeper understanding about how to exercise during pregnancy, the benefits, contra-indications and physiological changes to consider.
Simple, easy to assimilate tables list provide information about subjects such as thermoregulation, respiration and WHY women suffer from niggles such as heartburn in pregnancy or varicose veins!
A very useful reference book that is relevant to a much wider audience than the fitness professionals it is intended for.
Published by Bloomsbury The Complete Guide to Pregnancy and Fitness is available from all good bookshops or direct from Bloomsbury

Pregnancy Yoga by Samantha Magee
‘Pregnancy Yoga’ by Samantha Magee is one of the best yoga guides we’ve come across!
Yoga during pregnancy is an excellent way to keep fit, improve your strength and flexibility whilst also calming your mind and promoting breathing techniques to help during the birth of your baby.
This book follows a straightforward and comprehensive format. It details why the yoga postures are especially relevant for pregnant women, explaining how to adapt the poses if you’re not able to do them easily and offering advice if you have any physical issues such as SPD or a low-lying placenta.
You’re guided smoothly through pregnancy yoga for each trimester, followed by poses for postnatal yoga with separate chapters on relaxation, breathing and mediation.
The book provides a full range of yoga postures including stretching, strengthening, bending, twisting, balancing and relaxation – all specifically written for women who want to practise yoga when pregnant. Relevant for all levels of experience, especially useful if you can’t find a suitable pregnancy yoga class.
Samantha Magee has been practising yoga for over 10 years and is an experienced Bikram yoga teacher as well as a Vinyasa yoga teacher, trained by Max Strom. She is also an experienced children’s yoga teacher and a Reiki Master.
Published by Bloomsbury, Pregnancy Yoga is available from all good bookshops

Pregnancy exercise: what to wear

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