Pregnancy yoga video: standing poses

Pregnancy yoga video: standing poses
June 30, 2017 blackginger

Enjoy the benefits of prenatal yoga in your active pregnancy! Follow these simple poses in this specialist pregnancy yoga video with Lucy Howlett and get started with your yoga journey!

Lucy Howlett pregnancy yoga expert demonstrates her pregnancy yoga standing poses sequence. These poses will help you to strengthen your muscles through your pregnancy, help back ache and other pregnancy discomforts including sciatica and help you prepare your body for giving birth. Taking time to practise yoga during pregnancy will also help you to relax with positive benefits on insomnia and your energy levels! Do warm up pregnancy yoga poses before your start a session and follow these with these with sitting yoga poses for a healthy, fit pregnancy!

Watch this video and  start with Pregnancy Yoga Warm Up Sequence and follow it with  pregnancy yoga squatting sequence , pregnancy yoga seated poses  and pregnancy yoga for back ache!

Always consult your midwife or doctor if you have any concerns about your health, your pregnancy or the health of your baby.

Pregnancy Yoga: what to wear

Mamaste 🙏 specialist maternity activewear designed to bend and stretch with you, but never riding up or exposing you. However  you practice 🧘