Ask an Expert: Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness Advice

Ask an Expert: Pregnancy & Postnatal Fitness Advice
July 22, 2022 marketing

Alex catches up with the brilliant Natasha Brown! Who chats about the pregnancy and postnatal fitness advice she has gathered throughout her active pregnancy and motherhood journey…

Natasha is an experienced personal trainer and Mamma of 2. She has been kind enough to talk about some of the hurdles she’s faced being a single Fit Mamma and how her workout schedule has changed through pregnancy, having one baby and now having 2 little people to look after! Natasha gives realistic advice for people in all situations and discusses the long term benefits she’s experienced from staying active during pregnancy and motherhood. She also shares her methods for how to keep exercise fun and enjoyable. As well as answering questions to help you keep you on track with your exercise and healthy lifestyle.

Inspired by Natasha’s pregnancy and postnatal fitness advice and want to get involved? Follow her Complete Pregnancy Workout Video Selection here! She shares a warm up/cool down video and a workout video specific to each trimester. The complete package! Happy exercising, Mamma’s!

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