Low Impact Postnatal Healing Workout with Midwife & PT

Low Impact Postnatal Healing Workout with Midwife & PT
June 27, 2022 marketing

In desperate need of some healing after giving birth to your bundle of joy, Mamma? This brilliant low impact postnatal healing workout video is here to help rebuild strength after pregnancy & the birth!

Rosie, a wonderful midwife and personal trainer guides us through this no equipment required, gentle workout. It is ideal for any and all postnatal Mamma’s wanting to get back into action and heal after childbirth regardless of how recent, late or the nature of the birth. You’ve got this, Mamma!

Want to take part in this low impact postnatal healing workout but have some concerns? Please don’t hesitate to seek medical advice before taking part in any of the sessions we feature.

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