Pregnancy yoga video: for back ache

Pregnancy yoga video: for back ache
June 30, 2017 blackginger

Suffering from back ache? Watch these pregnancy yoga videos with specialist for poses that can ease back pain and help prepare your body for labour!

Lucy Howlett pregnancy yoga expert demonstrates cat pose and cow pose sequences which are perfect to include in your prenatal yoga routine. These poses are also ideal if you are suffering from back pain during pregnancy, as they help to ease the pressure on your spine AND they help position the baby ready for labour! Use these moves with the squatting poses for a healthy, fit pregnancy!

Watch this video and  start with Pregnancy Yoga Warm Up Sequence and follow it with  pregnancy yoga squatting sequence , pregnancy yoga standing poses  and pregnancy yoga seated poses!

Always consult your midwife or doctor if you have any concerns about your health, your pregnancy or the health of your baby.