Pregnancy Yoga Flow for Connection with Expert Part 1

Pregnancy Yoga Flow for Connection with Expert Part 1
August 4, 2022 marketing

Relax, Mamma! This yoga flow is here to aid connection between every element of your life. Pregnancy is an ever-changing and, at times, an overwhelming experience. Give yourself a moment of peace!

Pre and postnatal yoga expert Gemma, guides us through this pregnancy yoga flow focusing on connection, while heavily pregnant herself. Changes in our lives are inevitable during pregnancy. This flow aims to help us navigate these changes and ease any disconnection from our friends, family, work life, selves and baby. This flow can be completed as many times and for as long as you need. You can complete each part of this pregnancy yoga flow for connection simultaneously or separately, whichever suits you & your body most comfortably.

Gentle reminder: you’ve got this, Mamma!

As always if in doubt, please seek medical advice before taking part in any of the sessions we feature.

Click here to watch and follow the 2nd part of this gorgeous flow here… if you want more Gemma follow her strength based yoga flow here and check her out on YouTube – Yoga With Gem.

Always consult your midwife or doctor if you have any concerns about your health, your pregnancy or the health of your baby.

Pregnancy Yoga: what to wear

Mamaste 🙏 specialist maternity activewear designed to bend and stretch with you but never riding up or exposing you however  you practice