Pregnancy Workout Video for 2nd Trimester with Specialist

Pregnancy Workout Video for 2nd Trimester with Specialist
September 29, 2017 alexandramccabe

Prenatal specialist Natasha guides us through this toning and strengthening pregnancy exercise video. Designed to safely and effectively raise your heart rate and maintain your fitness through the next nine months!

Complete this perfectly tailored selection of pregnancy exercises using small weights, resistance bands and body weight. With the ability to be adapted to body only, this workout will get your heart rate up, tone and strengthen your total body all in a safe and effective way for pregnancy.

Still unsure if it is right for you? ANY trimester of pregnancy can get involved and includes options for ALL fitness levels so there’s no Mamma left behind. Let’s get moving!

As always if in doubt, please seek medical advice before taking part in any of the sessions we feature.

To extend the workout for a complete hour follow Natasha first trimester pregnancy exercise video and her third trimester exercise video – with adaptationsĀ  to make them suitable any trimester!

Gym workouts or home workouts – choose activewear designed for pregnancy!

You deserve to look good and feel great mamma! Supportive Maternity Sportswear to keep you training together šŸ’ŖšŸ¤°