Guided Meditation & Sound Bath for Self Love

Guided Meditation & Sound Bath for Self Love
July 10, 2022 marketing

In need of a little self love, Mamma? This pre and postnatal heart chakra guided meditation and sound bath session is just for you! Thank you, Leasa, for kindly sharing it with us.

We all know the importance of taking care of yourself, so why is it something that is always pushed to the sidelines? Let’s make a change, Mamma! Follow this heart chakra guided meditation and dedicate 20 minutes of your time to fill your heart with love. Light some candles, grab a cozy blanket, allow time for you to unwind from the day and let Leasa’s lovely voice and sound bath give you a break from your worries and stresses. Remember, feeling like your best self is much more impactful than another load of laundry.

Unsure of the benefits of a sound bath? Leasa tells us that it is a beautiful healing modality experience. It takes you to a restorative state where your parasympathetic nervous system kicks in. This helps repair and restore your nervous system and allows you to surrender to the powerful healing vibrations of sound.

That’s not all from Leasa! Watch and follow the other sessions she has kindly shared with us… Her Guided Meditation and Sound Bath for a Positive Perspective, her Golden Light Meditation and Sound Bath or her Manifestation Meditation and Sound Bath

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